Filecoin Price History: From ICO to Mainstream Adoption

Filecoin is a decentralized storage network that uses blockchain technology to provide a secure and efficient way to store and retrieve data. Since its launch, Filecoin has become an increasingly popular choice for decentralized storage, with its price reflecting the growing interest in the project.

In this article, we will explore the price history of Filecoin and examine the factors that have influenced its value.


Filecoin ICO

Filecoin’s initial coin offering (ICO) took place in 2017, raising $257 million in one of the largest ICOs in history at the time. The ICO was highly anticipated, reflecting the growing interest in decentralized storage solutions.

The initial price of Filecoin was set at $5.00 per token, with a total supply of 2 billion tokens. During the ICO, 200 million tokens were sold, with the remaining tokens being allocated to the Filecoin Foundation, Protocol Labs, and early contributors.


Early Price History

After the ICO, Filecoin tokens were first traded on exchanges in late 2017. The initial trading price was around $6.00 per token, with prices rising to over $30.00 per token by late 2017.

In early 2018, however, the cryptocurrency market experienced a major correction, with prices of many cryptocurrencies, including Filecoin, plummeting. By February 2018, Filecoin was trading at just $5.00 per token, the same price as its ICO.


Filecoin Price Movements Since 2018

After the 2018 correction, Filecoin’s price remained relatively stable for the next few years, hovering around $5.00 to $10.00 per token. However, in late 2020, the price of Filecoin began to rise rapidly, reaching an all-time high of over $200.00 per token in March 2021.

There were several factors that contributed to this price surge. One of the key factors was the increasing demand for decentralized storage solutions. As more individuals and organizations looked for ways to store and retrieve data securely and efficiently, the demand for Filecoin increased.

In addition, the launch of Filecoin’s mainnet in 2020 was seen as a major milestone for the project. This helped to increase confidence in the project and led to a surge in demand for Filecoin tokens.

Finally, the overall bull market in cryptocurrencies in 2020 and 2021 also played a role in the price increase of Filecoin. As the value of cryptocurrencies as a whole increased, so too did the value of Filecoin.


Future Price Predictions

The future price of Filecoin is difficult to predict, as it will be influenced by a wide range of factors, including the demand for decentralized storage, the performance of the network, and the overall state of the cryptocurrency market.

However, many analysts and investors are optimistic about the future of Filecoin. As the demand for decentralized storage continues to grow, Filecoin is expected to become an increasingly important player in the space.



Filecoin’s price history has been characterized by periods of stability, followed by rapid increases in value. The ICO in 2017 was highly successful, raising $257 million and reflecting the growing interest in decentralized storage solutions.

Since then, the price of Filecoin has been influenced by a wide range of factors, including demand for decentralized storage, the launch of the mainnet, and overall market conditions. Despite these fluctuations, Filecoin is expected to continue to grow in popularity and importance as a decentralized storage solution.